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DXN LIFE MagazineThe Night Blindness Project PakistanFIGHTING THE NIGHT BLINDNESS IN PAKISTANDXN is a company that tries to help when and where needed. The following article arrived to us from Pakistan, where DXN took the responsibility to help children suffering from night blindness. Please read how this wonderful project was born and how it is changings the life of numerous families in Pakistan.TEXT WRITTEN BY Mr. Zarif AhmadHow the Project startedA recent discovery was made which took over the news channels of Paki- stan. It showed that thousands of chil- dren have the probability to become blind in the next six to seven years time. These children suffer from the deficiency of Vitamin A. The disease is commonly called Night Blindness, it starts at the age of 5-6 years and eventually ends up with complete blindness at the age of 16-18 years. These news were heard by various people along with several members of DXN including the Country Man- ager Mr. Zarif Ahmad, who had been stunned to hear this tragedy. At this moment he thought of the Food Sup- plements of DXN which are supposed to be the best supplement available in Pakistan. He then decided to test the DXN products and asses if they could be used to overcome the deficiencyof Vitamin A. At that point of time he didn’t know how to overcome this issue of Night Blindness, but he was certain that the deficiency of Vitamin A will be over. This was when we he decided to finally initiate and take up the project.This project was then discussed withMr. Jijith, International Marketing Di- rector who was solely responsible for the operations in Pakistan, for the pro- jects’ viability. After hearing this, he immediately approved by giving full confidence on the concept and gave full assurance on the product efficacy as food supplements.5

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