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DXN LIFE MagazineDato’ Dr. Lim Siow JinFounder and CEO of DXN Holdings Bhd.WELCOME LETTER FROMDATO’ DR. LIM SIOW JINGood morning DXN.Everyday, our products reach millions of DXN families while millions are experiencing and sharing their suc- cess stories. With continuousgrowth and success and being the world’s lar- gest Ganoderma company, DXNis the world le- ader in MLM Ganoderma products.DXNers stri- ve in buil- ding their remarkable success. It is very exciting to see that DXN, a MLM company with more than 5 million re- gistered members across more than 180 countries in the global market, has sustained its success and growth from a small company into a worldwide force. I strongly believe that creating and building your networkbegins small, based on the simple but effective 300ppv plan. With small steps into giant ones, YOU are pione- ering your own success towards heal- th, financial and time freedom. DXN isthe right way, where you get to “live” your dreams! If YOU succeed now, your next gene- ration’s future will be secu- red! Show your passion towards DXN and develop your career for a life with DXN, as DXN grows despite the downfall of the global eco-nomy.With the changing trends of this digital age, DXN launched DXN e-World, to offer all of you great onli- ne networking and business oppor- tunities to enhance the potentials ofyour business.DXN e-World is the integration of a One Account access for all the DXN Systems (the e-Business, e-Point and Network System). It is our commit- ment to grow with YOU and provide the tools needed to succeed.As an expanding global MLM company, we also plan to invest 1billion yuan in Ningxia China. This investment will of- fer greater possibilities for the growth of your business. A big applause to all of YOU who has helped DXN grow. In DXN, nothing is impossible.Thank you.Dato’ Dr. Lim Siow Jin DXN’s founder and CEO4

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