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DXN LIFE MagazineMr. Sean J. Higgins,Marketing Coordinator for Europe RegionINTERVIEW WITHMR. SEAN HIGGINSAt the beginning of October 2015, a new Marketing Coordinator for Europe was appointed. I imme- diately took the occasion to make an interview with Mr. Sean Higgins, so our readers can find out more about him.TEXT WRITTEN BY Susanna Palma Krusinszki1. Please introduce yourself to the readers.I’m an Englishman with an Irish name who lives in a village in the West Mi- dlands, near Birmingham, 180 k from London where I was born. Married to Sheila we have two grown up dau- ghters, Sarah and Becky. The year I first worked in MLM was 1993. I was with the same company until 2007 when I set up my consultancy.2. You are the new European Marke- ting Coordinator of DXN. What do you like best about your job?I like working with people, helping them to achieve their goals and with DXN I see a company with great po- tential here in Europe. I like to build teams and improve performance in small, incremental steps.3. You have just been to Malaysia. What was your first impression of the DXN world?My first impres- sion was of a friendly company who pride them- selves in sustai- nable methods of agriculture. The head office staff I met were well informed and the opening of the new branch offi- ce was very well organised.4. In your opinion, what is the most important thing that an MLM com- pany has to do in order to reach success in Europe?The company should listen to the members and respond to their rea- sonable requests with positive action. We are building a team, the members5

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