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DXN LIFE MagazineDato’ Dr. Lim Siow JinFounder and CEO of DXN Holdings Bhd.WELCOME LETTER FROMDATO’ DR. LIM SIOW JINGood morning DXN!Here we are, standing at the end of year 2015, working hard in the grip of great change. Increasingly, we are improving and reinforcing ourDXN eWorld to raise the confidence and the communication abilities in or-der to engage fully with this ever-evol- ving MLM world.Being the world’s lar- gest Gano- derma com- pany, we have the most effecti- ve structure and solid production lines for our unique products. We also have an extremely talented IT team of enthusiastic and experienced individuals who are working on this very important marketing tool. Bran- ches and main stockists are locatedin more than 180 countries worldwide while we have farms in Latin America, Europe, India and Malaysia. All these facts build the confidence in the onli- ne commerce. We continuously striveto enhance the varieties of online products by se- arching all corners of the globe for qua- lity products in order to achie- ve the target as a global leader in online MLMcommerce.As for the most pro- minent DXN members, we’re now inviting the leaders to explore and interact with us. Work hand-in-hand with your downlines and network, inspire them by telling your true and feasible stories, share with them the knowle- dge about the products and listen to them. Encourage them to keep onsponsoring new members and to fo- cus on the simple and powerful DXN plan - 300ppv a month. Inspire them by telling them how the initiative, the products or an idea can improve their financial status, their health and weal- th and assure them a free life.We create an opportunity for a bet- ter future through unique, high qua- lity products and excellent market supports, we develop our alternative distribution channels in every possible way and as an extra advantage, you get to work with most motivated peo- ple from all over the world!DXN, One World One Market!Dato’ Dr. Lim Siow Jin DXN’s founder and CEO4

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